We are more than excited to welcome you to Picturettes! A fun, ethereal & colorful way to capture your kiddies' childhood. Together, we create an exclusive experience for your child at your home or “on-location”, turning it into a beautiful collection of images that represent them creatively.

The endless and huge imagination that makes children have a picturesque creativity along with their innocence, is what inspire us in every session we create; what we seek to capture in each image. It is why our main goal is to let you hold those precious details of your little ones in a significant and personalized way. We not only aim to provide you with high quality heirloom products, but for them to be worthy of display and most importantly, part of the family legacy.

Art has always been present in my daily life. Whence I was little, I learned to play the piano just by listening to the lovely songs I heard in my favorite movies. Later on, I discovered I had an artistic soul for drawing , which I got from my mother I must say. I still enjoy all of that! However, the first time I held a camera in my hands and started taking pictures, I instantly knew this was it. It was inevitable: photography became my passion, and eventually, that passion became my job.

I've heard there's always been a debate about photography being more science than art. For me, it's a beautiful art made possible by science. It's a unique way to preserve memories; our memories. That's why deciding to take this path as a career and defining that I wanted to photograph children and everything related to them was one of the easiest and best decisions I have ever made.

I love children! I've always believed they are a kind treat to the heart, so spending time with them helps me enjoy the simplicity of life that we as adults tend to forget sometimes. It's a fun retreat! I must admit that so far this has been one of the loveliest experiences I have had in a really long time.

I don't have kids of my own, but I have a lots of friends who do, which means that I've seen the “Oh they grow so fast” face. So, being able to take you back in time to enjoy beautiful memories of your little ones is truly a pleasure. Allow me to grab those timeless moments with my lens and let yourself relive them all over again in years to come.